Eight Categories - One Goal: Content that Counts


From health to business, from science to inclusion: the eight WSA categories reflect most crucial social issues of every-day life around the globe. Your e-Content adds substantial value to one of the following categories? Then it's high time to get in contact with your national expert and apply for WSA 2016. He or she will nominate one product for each of the eight categories.

Government & Open Data

| dynamic services | citizen participation | smart urbanisation |

Delivering content rich solutions from administrations to the public including individuals, businesses and organisations and to significantly improve service depth and quality as well as democratic processes; strengthening public policies, fostering efficiency of information exchange, increasing transparency and facilitating participation of citizens and public services clients; using public access to data for innovative products and services on a commercial or non-commercial basis.


Health & Environment

| wellness  | ecology | sustainability|

Using content and innovative applications to meet the healthcare needs of citizens and patients, supporting healthcare professionals and healthcare providers, as well as the broader public and policy makers; implementing client-centred models of healthcare where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing ICTs to manage health issues as well as the healthcare system; addressing important issues of the environment and supporting the “greening” of societies and economies for sustainable ways of living.

Learning & Science

| knowledge | skills | education |

Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills for a complex and globalizing world; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalized and distributed learning resources; addressing the learning needs of all and creating active e-learning communities and solutions for corporate training as well as lifelong learning; making science accessible to citizens; presenting results of scientific projects as well as supporting forms of scientific inquiry; fostering global collaboration in science, and providing measures to promote science   and demonstrate its results and their value to society.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

| interactive games | virtual experience |sports |

Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world’s variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one-way to two-way, from single to multiple players, interactive entertainment and the synergy between analog and digital platforms.



Culture & Tourism

| immersive heritage | music, art & folk heritage | green mobility |

Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-of-the-art technology; developing the diversity of cultures and sub-cultures and the multilingual nature of societies. Enabling travellers to find attractions, to be informed and enlightened, to enjoy safe travel and have access to up-to-date travel information; enhancing inter-modal use of public transport, supporting orientation in cities and countryside, allowing the hotel industry to address customers, and providing navigation-based content.

Media & News

| social journalism | citizen media | hyper news |

Using ICTs to report the news and present stories in an interactive way, crowd sourcing new data and sharing information, presenting the works of citizen journalism using the web for text, picture and video reporting, covering natural disasters, public campaigning, multimedia news, mobile media aggregation and search services; new forms of mobile video and m-&e-TV, movies and current affairs.


Business & Commerce

| customer centric services | security | global e-commerce |

Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, internet security and other areas; supporting SMEs on the marketplace; using ICTs for buying and selling as well as servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.


Inclusion & Empowerment

| diversity | gender & equity | economic justice & rights |

Measures supporting integration of the global information society; bringing least developed countries into the knowledge society; reducing “digital divides” between technology-empowered and technology-excluded communities and groups such as rural areas and women, senior citizens, disabled citizens and children; bridging society and strengthening social and political participation of individuals and groups through ICTs; empowering citizens and stakeholders in public services.

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