How to Participate


Participation in the WSA is possible via national contests or expert panel selection. The national winners in the eight WSA categories are submitted by the Eminent Expert from each country based on the process agreed upon with the WSA Board of Directors. In the absence of an open national contest, Eminent Experts conduct a national selection panels or other consultation in order to select in an objective and fair manner the best from their countries.

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Winners' Benefits

The World Summit Award offers to all its winners:

  • Invitation to the WSA World Congress including :
    • join pitching sessions
    • attend the awarding ceremony
    • get your own project exhibition booth
    • accommodation and meals provided
    • travel grants may be provided under certain conditions, please contact us to learn more
  •    Knowledge sharing with the world's most outstanding e-Content developers
  •    Access to the WSA network of international experts and industry leaders in over 160 countries
  •    Contact to sponsors and partners
  •    Workshops on how to turn your local e-Content into a global success
  •    A video detailing your project's success
  •    Special placement on our website
  •    Long-term coverage via all our editorial channels like Blogs, Articles, Success Stories, Twitter, Facebook

Nominees' Benefits

A nomination for the World Summit Award is already a win - these are you're rewards

  • Have more coverage on your product
    • The WSA provides nominees with press templates and helps them to gain the attention of their national media with the support of our international team of high class media and ICT experts
  • Get a World Summit Award nominee seal which you can use on your websites, your social media channels and your publications
  • You get a chance to receive feedback from the Grand Jury
  • Being nominated for the World Summit Award means that you're product is the best in the country in one of our 8 categories.
    • Our experience has shown that this honour can immensely improve your outreach.
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