Global contest for best mobile innovations

First WSA-mobile – with Gala Event in Abu Dhabi

Salzburg/Abu Dhabi, August 6th, 2010 – Cell phones can be used to trade in remote areas, to authenticate drugs or even to apply for a job – smart m-technologies like this have already been selected in last year’s World Summit Award. This year, a special World Summit Award spin off for mobile contents (WSA-mobile) will take place for the first time with the Winner’s Gala Event in Abu Dhabi the upcoming December.

The World Summit Award Mobile is a global initiative to select and promote the world’s top mobile contents and innovative applications. In cooperation with the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), it is based on the expertise and network of the World Summit Awards and planned to be held every two years. National pre-selections are carried out in each of the 160 countries participating. Projects can be submitted in eight categories:

  1. m-Business & Commerce

  2. m-Government & Participation

  3. m-Learning & Education

  4. m-Entertainment & Lifestyle

  5. m-Tourism & Culture

  6. m-Media & News

  7. m-Environment & Health

  8. m-Inclusion & Empowerment

The national selection is either done through direct nomination by the national expert, by a committee or by a national competition. After that, in October, an international jury will come together to evaluate the submissions on the basis of content and creativity.

After the successful history of the WSA, we decided to create a special award just for mobile technologies” Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the WSA Board, states. “Some mobile applications help people in remote areas to trade or get medical assistance, others help people around the globe to be entertained or educated. The most important advantage is that it can basically be done everywhere, since cellular networks have spread to every corner of the world” he gives some examples for uses of this growing business area.

National pre-selections until Mid-September

The national pre-selections have already started and the project submissions will continue until September 15th. The international winners will be invited to the WSA-mobile Winner’s Event on December 6th-8th in Abu Dhabi, the city of the WSA-mobile key partner Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre. During that event, the winners will not only be able to present their project on a world stage, but also to network and build professional relationships with their outstanding colleagues from around the world.

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