The Belgian World Summit Award is inspired by the WSA - WORLD SUMMIT AWARD in order to select quality e-content and promote creativity and innovation in new media applications in Belgium. This multi-aim award, encourages creativity, nominates the eight best Belgian e-Content products (one for each category: e-Culture, e-Science, e-Government, e-Entertainment, e-Health, e-Inclusion, e-Learning, e-Business) to the World Summit Award.

Winners' Testimonials - Filip Meuris from MyMachine
The atmosphere at the gala was great. The dynamism from the WYSA youngsters sent vibes into the plenum. Everybody left with a smile on his face. We left the WSA with enlightened spirit and above all: Ambitious. The WSA set our agenda for the next two years. We received national attention from general press, educational press, business press, and government publications.!

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